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Presentation area
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Presentation area
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Presentation in full flow
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Digital Graffiti Wall

DoubleClick at the Century Club, London
B2B Event

DesignScene installed its interactive digital Graffiti Wall for two Google Double Click events in London - the first at the Century Club in Shaftesbury Avenue, and the second for the Internet Advisory Board's (IAB) '110 Hours' party, held in their central London offices.

These are among a number of ongoing events for Google for which DesignScene helps create lively, stimulating and fun environments.

The Century Club presentation was for about 70 people. DesignScene installed the Digital Graffiti Wall as a rear projection system, complete with a large screen surrounded by a graphics-effect frame and all the technical production elements required to make it work, including laptops, microphones and lecterns, plus a selection of cool chairs with green cushions and other nice eye-catching furniture!

The Graffiti Wall projection system was added to this Double Click event following the success of an html 5 competition, where entrants designed web banners. To encourage guests to spontaneously utilise their creative skills, a template was set up for the Graffiti Wall, so they could quickly design their own banners on-the-fly and have them printed onto T-Shirts or stickers.

The IAB event specifically celebrated 'Digital Creativity' with the organisation opening up a proportion of their office space for 2 days, so visitors could look at and discuss various ongoing 'digital creative' projects. In the evening, Google was invited to stage its Double Click event, for which DesignScene installed the Digital Graffiti Wall system and T-shirt and sticker printing facilities.



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