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Google LED plinths
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Google LED plinths
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Room transformation
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Internet hero lightboxes

Google Connected Kingdom at Rich Mix, London
Press Launch

DesignScene's brief was to transform the bar area of the Rich Mix Cultural Centre on Bethnal Green Road, Shoreditch, for this presentation.

'The Connected Kingdom' was a report commissioned by Google from the Boston Consulting Group on how the internet is changing the UK economy, offering creative and technical opportunities for start-ups and for new business ventures to thrive.

DesignScene's team had just 10 days to imagine and deliver a plan making the concrete and glass bar area into a new-look, stylish, Google-friendly gallery space.

About 100 people attended, including press and key players at the forefront of the UK technology industry.

The first task was blacking out the bar area, concealing all the bar equipment, and making two prominent glass walls white. Having worked with Google on previous events, the DesignScene team knows the look, feel and ambience required.

A series of concrete columns running through the room were also clad in white.

Gallery walling was created along 2 sides of the venue for displaying case studies of recent successful internet based start ups. The images were placed on back-lit light boxes for neatness and maximum impact, and the gallery walls were up-lit by floor mounted lights to add mood and contrast.

As with all DesignScene events, lighting is considered a crucial visual element.

A small stage was constructed with a 'light cube' behind, with lighting and an audio system specified and set up plus a projector for a video and presentation artwork.



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