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Stage set with integrated column screens
image 1 for Stage set with integrated column screens
Stage set with integrated column screens
image 2 for Welcome session
Welcome session
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Cloud computing pods

Google Enterprise at Altitude, London
B2B Event

Taking place at Altitude 360 on the 27th floor of at Millbank House a premium venue with stunning views over the River Thames in central London, DesignScene created a complete environment to stage this one day Google Enterprise presentation, which focussed on cloud computing, and was attended by Google Chief Information Officers (CIOs).

The event space was divided into 4 different functional areas - the main presentation space, a Cloud Computing pod area, registration and reception area and a small chill out space.

DesignScene ingenuity went into evolving the main presentation space. The off-beat shape and exterior angles of the building meant that the centre stage area would not be clearly visible to all the delegates with the seating proposed seating plan.

The solution entailed the construction of four additional temporary floor to ceiling pillars on the window side of the space, which were shaped and designed to look just as if there were part of the actual building construction. Each was clad in white vinyl and had a large plasma screen rigged at the top, so everyone in the room had a clear view of all the stage action.

DesignScene supplied a 65 inch plasma screen for the stage and built a stylish demo station platform for the Cloud computing area.

In addition to designing and dressing the rooms, building the stage, demo stations, plasma columns and supplying the technical production, DesignScene branded all the different areas and also handled all the registrations.



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