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Relaxed presentation seating
image 1 for Relaxed presentation seating
Relaxed presentation seating
image 2 for Google Goggles demo area
Google Goggles demo area
image 3 for 360 projection with our VDJ
360 projection with our VDJ

Google Jam at Shoreditch House, London
B2B Conference

DesignScene produced an innovative presentational and staging concept for the first Google Jam in the UK, following similar successful events in San Francisco and New York.

Each Google event on which DesignScene works entails a fresh 'out-of-the-box' approach to communication. The brief was to make it lively, interactive and fun, and totally different from a standard conference or exhibition environment.

DesignScene provided a solution that worked with the format of the venue with a central relaxed lounge seating area for the presentations surrounded by themed product and demo areas that were revealed after a series of quick fire presentations on the stage.

To add visual magic to the main space, a 360° video projection system was integral to the production design, along with mood lifting lighting, all of which was facilitated and installed by DesignScene. The projection wrapped the upper levels of the room and its spectacular arched roof, and was immediately visible when entering the event.

Specially created video content included Google and You Tube logos presented in inventive ways, plus assorted ambient material - a mix of humour and chill style abstracts - which morphed subtly as the presentation entered different sections. The trick was creating imagery that was interesting and relaxing, but not distracting from the presentation.



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