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Matt Britton, MD of Google UK
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Matt Britton, MD of Google UK
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Googles Gallery

Google Think at Kings Place, London
B2B Event

Staged at Kings Place, London, this was one of the 'Think' series of events produced for Google.

DesignScene provided the stage set and designed and co-ordinated the technical production in conjunction with the Kings Place technical team.

For this series DesignScene was commissioned to create a stage set and scenic elements that gave a slick, high tech appearance to several different venues, in keeping with their up-to-the-minute brand image.

The DesignScene team created a versatile set of assets including registration desks, poser tables, lecterns, signage slabs, stage components and a screen surround plus giant mirrored ‘Think’ letters.

These assets could be used for all the events, configured in any format required to give an individual look and feel to the specific conference sessions, whilst retaining a strong and consistent Google identity.



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