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VIP house party
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VIP house party
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Rooftop pool welcome event
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Warehouse party

Miller Miami 2010
Consumer Experience
Client: Splendid Communications

DesignScene produced this event in Miami, USA, for Splendid Communications and Miller's Genuine Draft global team based in the UK; starting work 18 months ahead to bring in a seamlessly run and truly amazing experiential weekend.

Fifty Miller competition winners were flown in from all over the world, plus 20 brand managers from selected countries, 12 emerging hot DJs and electro artists - representing these same countries - and media representatives, all rolled into an action packed weekend of fun in Miami, taking place alongside the 2010 Winter Music Conference (WMC).

Working with their entertainment, dance and music industry contacts in Miami, the DS team sourced a series of venues and organised a full-on raft of exclusive events over the next 4 days to keep all in the Miller party moving and grooving to the style, vibe and pace of the WMC.

This included welcome drinks and a rooftop gathering at the fabulous Catalina Beach Club Hotel; a Sunset Party on the Tikki Beach boat around the bay, with 5 Miller DJs performing live sets...and taking over the second room and co-promoting an evening at legendary Miami nightclub, La Folie D'amour.

It culminated on Saturday night with all the Miller crew and DJs moving to the Wynwood Design District at Charcoal Studios, for a massive warehouse party - in the true spirit of the genre. It was the first time that this venue had used for an event associated with the WMC.

DesignScene created a spectacular production design and worked with technical suppliers who provided and installed full production lighting, sound and video rigs.



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