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Water screen with Rio footage
image 1 for Water screen with Rio footage
Water screen with Rio footage
image 2 for Stage with graphic column wraps hiding the PA
Stage with graphic column wraps hiding the PA
image 3 for The entertainment!
The entertainment!

Rio Meets London at The Haymarket Hotel, London
Private Party
Client: Nastrovia Management

This private party was staged in the pool area of the Haymarket Hotel, London for a Brazilian client wanting everyone to enjoy a taste of that famous party city, Rio de Janeiro, right here in London.

DesignScene was approached to make this happen, providing design, set and technical production.

Working in an already very attractive space fuelled many ideas, and once these were settled, the set was conceived and the technical production co-ordinated to facilitate the event which featured live music and DJs.

The largest set piece was a dancefloor constructed over the pool that connected both sides together. Covered with mirror fascia and an authentic Copacabana beach paving pattern, when combined with clever lighting, it appeared to be floating in the water as part of the permanent pool installation.

London Underground 'Rio De Janeiro' tube signs were fabricated to help set the scene, and at the far end of the room, a waterscreen was installed for high impact projections.

Production equipment was concealed neatly behind cladding fitted around the room's structural pillars included two false graphics pillars housing the PA system.

Behind the waterscreen, a semi circular stage was built to house the DJ booth and samba band, also finished in a mirrored fascia.

The stage and DJ booth had their own lighting rig installed, while the room was imaginatively lit by LED fixtures.

Working in a damp atmosphere brought its own set of challenges and requirements, and power was limited, hence the specification of low energy and LED lightsources.



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