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The Great Room
image 1 for The Great Room
The Great Room
image 2 for Rob Brydon and our gameshow contestants
Rob Brydon and our gameshow contestants
image 3 for The Saturdays perform
The Saturdays perform

The Red Carpet Bash Gameshow Mayhem at Grosvenor House, London
Charity Gala Dinner

Always a DesignScene favourite, this event was challenging and ambitious to produce, and one on which the company cut its teeth in terms of bringing the excitement and drama of a rock'n'roll-meets-theatre high energy performance show to a more traditionally sedate gala dinner environment.

Staged in the Great Room of London's Grosvenor House venue, the 2008 theme of 'Gameshow Mayhem' was selected from several options offered by DesignScene.

DesignScene then developed the entire concept, design, presentation and event identity from there, culminating in building the stage and set, and co-ordinating the full technical production - including lighting, audio and video - required to make the event special.

The action packed show comprised a gala dinner, a full evening of live entertainment hosted by Welsh actor/comedian Rob Brydon and ongoing games shows running throughout the night.

The stage was side-on in the venue, designed with 8 diagonal columns all clad with PixelLine LED battens and an LED screen upstage. These LED elements had massive visual impact and brought a shape and architecture to the space.

The room was also lit imaginatively for the gala dinner section, with additional lighting equipment brought in to augment Grosvenor House's existing rig.

The stage and walls of the room were draped off, along with the balcony, for a neat, classy, consistent finish throughout, and the pillars were cased with graphic printed vinyl reinforcing the event's strong brand identity.

DesignScene also co-ordinated design and printing of all the programmes, invites, menus, etc.



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